Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DAP - Party Leader

The Political Profile of …
Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

Please Know Your Asshole Politician:
1. Current Party Affiliation – DAP (Democratic Action Party of Malaysia)
2. Official Moniker: DAP Party Leader
3. Personal Stuff: Wife of former jailed Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim; totally opposes UMNO and would like to see all current and past members hanged especially Dr. M.
4. Level of Maturity: An old crippled dog has more common sense. A circumcised ugly ass Muslim in Islamic in cover up who is an old bitter woman
5. Sexual Orientation: None, she is an old crone. A witch with warts and broom has more sex than she does.
6. Personal Motto: Death to UMNO and all of its members
7. Political Motto: Malaysia must become an All Islamic State, which my husband Anwar Ibrahim will rule through Islamic Law
8. Mental Ailments and Defects: Manic Depressive, Delusional, Paranoid, and Schizoid
9. Favorite Hobbies: Helping PAS raise funds for terrorist training camps both inside and outside Malaysia
10. Favorite Color: Green the color of Islam but really it is the color of the U.S. Dollar, which this bitch loves so much
11. Favorite TV Show: Any Malay Soaps
12. Favorite Restaurant: Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur all you can eat buffet
13. Things She Loves Masturbates to: A super large black dildo (vibrator) with variable speeds and lots of batteries
14. Hottest Celebrities: Ajai, Malay male singer; and Michael Jackson
15. Most Annoying Person: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed; Datin' Seri Rafidah binti Aziz; The Encantoman, ... shall I continue?
16. Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday because she was told Jewish people hate it
17. Favorite Holiday: Ramadan because it’s a great time to lose some weight
18. Professional Field: Religious Wannabe, Low Keyed Terrorist, Racist, Extremist, Political Activist
19. Favorite Quote: "Dr. M. and his family will pay for what they did to us”

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