Monday, July 23, 2007

MIC - Works Minister of Malaysia

The Political Profile of …
Dato' Seri S. Samy Vellu

Please Know Your Asshole Politician:
1. Current Party Affiliation – MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress)
2. Official Moniker: The Works Minister of Malaysia (and, the only Indian Malaysian in the Cabinet)
3. Personal Stuff: Tamil – Religion is Hindu but acts like a Muslim lackey dog. Estranged 2nd wife is Datin Seri Indrani
4. Level of Maturity: A Homer Simpson wannabe
5. Sexual Orientation: Underage Young Girls.
6. Personal Motto: Corruption and kickbacks go to me first
7. Political Motto: Malaysia must do more public works projects so I can get richer
8. Mental Ailments and Defects: Pedophile, Womanizer, and Delusions of Superiority.
9. Favorite Hobbies: Making Child Porn Movies
10. Favorite Color: Green, he loves those American dollars
11. Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
12. Favorite Restaurant: The one he owns
13. Thing He Loves Masturbates to: Britney Spears Pregnant Photos
14. Hottest Celebrities: Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai
15. Most Annoying Person: Dr. M., Anwar Ibrahim, The Famous Encantoman, ... shall I continue?
16. Favorite Day of the Week: Any day he is not in the capital building
17. Favorite Holiday: Ramadan because he doesn’t have to deal with any stupid Muslims.
18. Professional Field: Crooked Politician, Professional Liar, Con Artist, Racketeering, Extortionist
19. Favorite Quote: "Lets Kill The Encantoman”

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Anonymous said...

He is a serpent as far as Tamils are concerned. There will be a special place at the bottom of History's basket for him. Vote the BN group of thieves out.