Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PAS - Head of the Islamic Religious Opposition Party in Malaysia

The Political Profile of …
Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi bin Awang

Please Know Your Asshole Politician:
1. Current Party Affiliation – PAS (The Parti Islam SeMalaysia)
2. Official Moniker: PAS Party Leader
3. Personal Stuff: Islamic Extremist through and through, hates the west and all it stands for, hates Infidels (non Muslims), totally opposes any other political parties in Malaysia, and wants all UMNO members hanged.
4. Level of Maturity: That of any religious zealot extremist nut case whack job moron
5. Sexual Orientation: Multi Islamic full garb veiled Muslim girls, young, usually underage, and has five wives and many concubines (female slaves). Believes if it was good enough for The Profit Mohammed it is good enough for him. Makes all his underage women walk around naked in the confines of his home. He beats his women on a regular basis whether they need it or not.
6. Personal Motto: Death to all Infidels wherever they are; and Death to all Muslims who do not follow strict Islamic Saharia Law.
7. Political Motto: Malaysia must become an All Islamic State, which I should rule, and all non-Muslims must be put to death or expelled from the country.
8. Mental Ailments and Defects: Pedophile, Multiple Personality Disorder, Inferiority Complex, Manic Depressive, Delusions he is Allah’s (God) personal messenger.
9. Favorite Hobbies: Raising funds for terrorist training camps both inside and outside Malaysia, and kidnapping and torturing to death Thai prostitutes.
10. Favorite Color: Green the color of Islam
11. Favorite TV Show: al-Jazeera TV Satellite News Network
12. Favorite Restaurant: Malay Hawker with Halah food only
13. Things He Loves Masturbates to: Infidels being beheaded, and Sexy dirty naked anime girls
14. Hottest Celebrities: Miss Japan (Miss Universe) 2007 RIYO MORI
15. Most Annoying Person: Dr. M., Datin' Seri Rafidah binti Aziz, Any Infidel, The Famous Encantoman, ... shall I continue?
16. Favorite Day of the Week: Friday and long prayers for dedicated Muslims who follow him.
17. Favorite Holiday: Hajj and Ramadan
18. Professional Field: Asshole, Religious Con Artist, Terrorist, Racist, Pedophile, Extremist
19. Favorite Quote: "Islam will Rule the World”

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