Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Royalty - The Current King of Malaysia

The Political Profile of …
Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin

Please Know Your Asshole Politician:
1. Current Party Affiliation – None, Royalty (Current King of Malaysia)
2. Official Moniker: His Majesty
3. Personal Stuff: Current King of the Islamic Malays
4. Level of Maturity: That of an arrogant spoiled 5-year-old
5. Sexual Orientation: Prefers very young Malay girls (ages 10 to 13)
6. Personal Motto: All Bow to Me
7. Political Motto: Malaysia must become an All Islamic State which I should rule
8. Mental Ailments and Defects: Pedophile, Animal Abuser (launches cats in an ancient replica of a catapult), Inferiority Complex, Manic Depressive
9. Favorite Hobbies: Drinking beer and eating BBQ pork while watching naked Burmese dancers; Playing with his Barbie Doll collection; and hunting rare endangered species
10. Favorite Color: Gold, because its better than money and the richness color of royal clothing
11. Favorite TV Show: No time for TV, too busy making home made porn movies of underage girls
12. Favorite Restaurant: Always eats in, royal banquets are common place, after all doesn’t pay for meals they are provided by the Malaysian taxpayer
13. Thing He Loves Masturbates to: Children being raped in Darfur, Nigeria, and Somalia
14. Hottest Celebrities: The Olsen Twins
15. Most Annoying Person: Dr. M., Any Infidel, The Encantoman, ... shall I continue?
16. Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday, he loves to take young girls to the dungeon and punish them for being bad Muslims.
17. Favorite Holiday: Hajj
18. Professional Field: Liar, Asshole, Con Artist, Racist, Pedophile, Dungeon Master
19. Favorite Quote: "Do as I say, Not as I do”

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